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IPO of Pivovary Lobkowicz Group and two new Prague Stock Exchange members. Successful launch of the sale of electricity to end customers and shortening the standard exchange trade settlement time.

In 2014, the Central Securities Depository (CSD) further expanded its services. On 6 October, the settlement time was shortened from three days following transaction closing (T+3) to two days (T+2).
In cooperation with the Czech National Bank, the Central Securities Depository launched a system for automated collateral management (ACT) on 1 December. The ACM makes it possible for direct members of the Czech National Bank’s Clearing Centre to provide collateral for the provision of intraday loans not only in the form of treasury bills, but also medium- and long-term government bonds kept with the Central Securities Depository.

On 28 May 2014, the Prague Stock Exchange announced the new issue of shares of Pivovary Lobkowicz Group (PLG). The offering price of the PLG IPO was set at CZK 160 per share. The highest closing price to date was on 18 August, when trading ended at CZK 176. On the last trading day of 2014, the closing price was CZK 174.5 which is 9.06 % above the issue price. The total trading volume reached CZK 160.1 million.
In 2014, the Prague Stock Exchange expanded by two new members. On 15 May 2014, Société Générale became a new foreign member, and on 12 December, Roklen360 became the first purely Czech controlled trading member in fourteen years.
In March 2014, the Prague Stock Exchange began the calculation of a new index reflecting the payment of dividends by individual constituents. The base of the Total Return Index corresponds to the base of the existing main PX index (named PX-TR).The main Prague Exchange PX index decreased by 4.28% and PX-TR index by 0.33% in 2014. Stock market trading volumes totalled CZK 153.49 bn. As of the last trading day (30 December 2014), market capitalization amounted to CZK 1.040 trillion. The bond market recorded a trading volume of CZK 8.23 bn, the market of structured products CZK 0.56 bn.

In 2014, POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE (PXE) was clearly the most liquid exchange market in Central and Eastern Europe offering the purchase of electricity and gas. On 1 September, the offer of electricity futures was extended by Polish and Romanian products. Therefore, it now possible to use PXE to trade futures in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian electricity. Thanks to cooperation with the Central European Gas Hub (CEGH), PXE expanded its commodity portfolio to include Czech gas futures at the end of last year.
On 20 November, PXE successfully completed the first electricity auction for end customers. The market is designed specifically for businesses, municipalities and public administration.
Price of the Czech base load future product for 2015 dropped by 4.86% throughout 2014. The highest trading volumes were in Czech electricity, i.e. 18 397 546 MWh. This was followed by the market of Hungarian products (total volume of 2 948 693 MWh) and the Slovak market (973 545 MWh). As such, the total volume traded reached nearly 21 581 904 MWh. The volume of Czech gas trading was 745 080 MWh.