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Currently, the Central Depository collects most fees through the Central Depository participants. One of the exceptions is the fee for keeping securities in unintegrated accounts, or the statement of unintegrated account through an application filed with the Central Depository, whether these fees are collected directly by the Central Depository (what is an unintegrated account?).

No fee is charged for the keeping of securities whose issuer has entered into bankruptcy or liquidation. However, this is conditioned on the Central Depository having been informed of the company’s entry into liquidation or bankruptcy. In addition, the information about the company’s entry into bankruptcy or liquidation may also be communicated to the Central Depository by the company shareholder.

List of issues, including the specification of the issuer, for which no fee for keeping securities on the owner’s account is paid

The final prices for the services and the terms and conditions of their provision (except for the fee for keeping unintegrated accounts and the fee for the statements of unintegrated accounts provided by the Central Depository) are determined by individual participants.


Account owners are especially obliged to pay the fee for keeping securities on an asset account (so-called safekeeping). The fee is calculated on a daily basis, depending on the current value of the securities kept on the account (the calculation is based on the nominal value of the unlisted shares and bonds, and the market value of listed shares). The fee is billed at least once a year (at the end of the calendar year) or at the end of the calendar month in which the continually calculated fee reaches the minimum total amount of CZK 3,000. For July and August, the first invoices will be sent in September 2012 according to the conditions specified above. All account owners subject to this fee (which has not yet reached CZK 3,000) will be submitted invoices as of 31 December 2012 (to be distributed in January 2013).