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Follow-Up Records

Follow-up records mean that the Central Depository keeps a so-called customer account for the authorized party (Central Depository participant). The “breakdown” of the assets, including client details, is maintained by the party authorized to keep the follow-up records; the assets recorded on the customer accounts is not the property of this party, but of the clients. For domestic securities, this constitutes the so-called two-stage registration of securities. Multi-stage keeping of securities is a standard way of keeping securities abroad, and the establishment of the Central Depository has introduced this option to the national market, too.

Operating Manual

The Operating Manual of the Central Depository is the Central Depository’s essential guideline, regulating especially:

  • the position and main activities of the Central Depository
  • the terms of membership in the Central Depository
  • rules for the management of investment instruments
  • rules for the management of the issues of investment instruments