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What is an Integrated and an Unintegrated Account?

Integrated Account

Integrated accounts are accounts maintained by the Central Depository participant with which the account owner has signed an agreement.

Unintegrated Account

Unintegrated accounts are accounts taken over from the former Securities Centre, where the holder has not yet signed an agreement with any Central Depository participant.

This section provides information about the services related to unintegrated accounts. The scope of the services offered by the Central Depository to the owners of unintegrated accounts is restricted by law.

The Central Depository is obliged to enable the following:

  • to include the entire unintegrated account under the Central Depository participant
  • to move selected securities to an account established by a Central Depository participant
    to issue a statement of securities kept on an unintegrated account

The amendment to Act 256/2004 Coll. on trading on the capital market, which came into effect on 1 July 2012 and has extended the range of the offered services also stipulates that the Central Depository will render the following paid services to the owners of unintegrated accounts. The account owners make use of these services through the agency of Central Depository participants. The only services that can be requested directly from the Central Depository is the statement from an unintegrated account.

The prices for which the Central Depository offers its services are listed in the Central Depository Price List; in addition, you can use the fee calculator.

Account Statement

The procedure for obtaining a statement from an asset account differs depending on whether your account is opened by a Central Depository participant or whether your account is unintegrated, taken over from the former Securities Centre, where the owner has not signed an agreement with any Central Depository participant.

For integrated accounts, statements will always be issued by the specific participant. None of the participants can provide information about the status of securities kept on an account opened by another participant. No comprehensive statement of accounts kept by all participants can be issued.

As regards unintegrated accounts, statements can be requested from any Central Depository participant offering this service, or directly from the Central Depository.

The Central Depository provides statements from unintegrated asset accounts of securities by mail using the Request for Statement from Unclassified Asset Account of Securities form bearing a certified signature. The current fee for a statement delivered by means of cash on delivery amounts to CZK 500.

Checking Existing Accounts

If you do not know the account number or where your account is kept, please follow this procedure:

  • Find out whether your account is listed as an unintegrated account
  • If your account is unintegrated, you will find the description of the services rendered for unintegrated accounts in the section entitled Unintegrated Account
  • If you have not found your account among unintegrated accounts, it will most likely be kept by one of the Central Depository participants. A request for the specification of the Central Depository participant who keeps the account can be filed through any participant rendering such a services (subject to a fee)

Creating New Accounts

It is only possible to create a new account with one of the Central Depository participants. The conditions for the opening and keeping of accounts and the applicable prices are set out by the Central Depository participants.

Changing Data

You can only change your registration data (your first name and surname, address, etc.) through the Central Depository participant where you keep your account. No changes can be made for unclassified accounts. All such changes require prior assignment of the account to a Central Depository participant.

Payment of Yields for Unintegrated Accounts

The payments of yields are secured directly by the issuer or the pay agent/administrator, based on a statement from the issue. The statement must include all accounts, including unintegrated accounts.