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The ISB information system of the Central Depository serves for the electronic sharing of information through secured communication channels using a commercial certificate. Contractual partners of the Central Depository (issuers, administrators, notaries, etc.) can register for the ISB services and then log in to the private area.

The guidelines and procedures for the registration in ISB are provided in the section entitled Regulations, Rules and Documents.

The description of ISB services is divided into the description of free services and the description of the private area. The detailed description of all the services available under the ISB confidential information services is available in the Help section (login required).

The prices for the ISB services are available from the CSD Prague Pricelist. The prices for issuers are listed in Part B - List of Tariffs, in section 2 - Fees for Issuers; the rates for the reimbursement of material costs to public authorities are listed in Part C - List of Tariffs for the Settlement of Material Costs.