The Central Securities Depository provides free and paid services to owners of dematerialised securities, almost exclusively through what are called participants in the Central Depository.

Some services are provided by the Central Depository free of charge directly on its website in the section entitled Services for the General Public.

It is only possible to create a new account with participants in the Central Depository who provide this service. The conditions for the opening and keeping of accounts and the applicable prices are set out by the Central Depository participants.

You can only change your registration data (your first name and surname, address, etc.) through the Central Depository participant with whom you keep your account. No changes can be made for unclassified accounts. All such changes require prior assignment of the account to a Central Depository participant.

The payments of yields are secured directly by the issuer or the pay agent or administrator on the basis of a statement from the issue. The statement must include all accounts, including unclassified accounts. Any participant in the Central Depository may credit a cash account for the payment of dividends to an unclassified asset account.

Holders of accounts in unclassified records may request the Central Depository by mail to provide a statement from an account in unclassified records (what is called an unclassified account).

Owners of dematerialised securities who, for whatever reason, consider their securities worthless may donate these securities, free of charge, to the Central Depository Endowment Fund. The fee calculator serves for the calculation of the fees charged by the Central Depository. Participants’ fees with respect to owners of dematerialised securities may vary. 

The Central Depository assigns what are called LEIs (Legal Entity Identifiers) to legal entities.

Information on the Exercise of Shareholders’ Rights (SRD)

Pursuant to the current Directive 2007/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the exercise of certain rights of shareholders in listed companies, the Central Depository has launched an “Exercise of Shareholders’ Rights (SRD)” service, which is provided through the newly-established My Depository portal. The service is intended for all holders of securities (or their administrators) who own shares in companies domiciled in the EU and traded on regulated EU markets. The aim of the service is to facilitate the exercise of shareholders’ rights by the holders of the given securities, which they exercise through voting at shareholders’ meetings of companies. At the same time, this enables issuers to fulfil their obligation of notification towards their shareholders in accordance with the SRD.

Services related to the exercise of shareholders’ rights are provided by the Central Depository through electronic services available in the newly created My Depository portal, which is intended for all holders of securities who wish to exercise their rights as shareholders independently, i.e. without the involvement of the participants (intermediaries) with whom they have opened their securities asset accounts.

Access to the My Depository portal is granted only to registered owners and is used exclusively for the exercise of shareholders’ rights, i.e. it is not a portal through which owners of securities are allowed to view their portfolio in a securities account or to dispose of their securities in any way. These services are provided, in accordance with the law, only through the participants in the Central Depository.

Access to the portal can be established only for those shareholders who have their asset account maintained at the level of the Central Depository, i.e. access cannot be established for those shareholders who have their account maintained in any of the follow-up records managed by participants in the Central Depository.