LEI Identifier and the Role of Our Company

The Central Securities Depository Prague is an accredited service provider for assigning and managing LEI identifiers. Our company acts as a local operator (LOU) within the global network of LEI service providers, and is authorised to provide the LEI service in the Czech Republic and 19 other European countries.

The LEI identifier is a unique, standardised 20-digit code that has been designed for the purpose of the unique identification of legal entities involved in financial market transactions in order to ensure greater transparency of these financial transactions.

The assignment of an LEI is governed by ISO 17442, which defines the method of unambiguous identification by means of the legal entity’s reference data and the LEI code. The scope and structure of the mandatory reference data is determined by the relevant ISO standard and the requirements set by the GLEIF (Global LEI Foundation) and the ROC (Regulatory Oversight Committee) organisations.

The LEI code structure consists of the following sections:

Accreditation Certificate

The Central Securities Depository Prague is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)our company’s accreditation certificate is provided here. Accredited jurisdictions for providing LEI assignment can be found in this list.

LEI & Regulation

The obligation to use the LEI for the purpose of unambiguous identification of the LEI holder within the financial transactions performed by them or for the purpose of identification of the capital market entity (issuer) is stipulated by applicable legislation (EMIR, MiFID, MiFID II, CSDR, etc.).

LEI Services and Rules for Their Provision

All services related to the LEI identifier are provided only in electronic form, i.e. through online services or forms, and are governed by the following documents: Method of Service Provision and Rules for LEI Assignment and Recording.

The Central Depository assigns the LEIs and keeps their records on the basis of the Agreement on LEI Assignment and Recording concluded with the applicant. The Agreement is concluded in electronic form via a form sent with a request for an LEI.

On behalf of a legal entity, any natural person who is authorised to act on behalf of the applicant legal entity or an authorised person who proves his/her authorisation with the relevant authorisation/power of attorney within the service request may request the provision of the service (LEI Assignment/Update/Contact Person Update). All reference data provided and stated in the service request must be documented in the manner specified in the Rules for LEI Assignment and Recording for the purposes of its verification by the CSD Prague. The service of searching for an assigned LEI and the history of issued LEI lists is available to the general public.

Please send the services submitted via a form or any questions about the services provided to lei@pse.cz.

Payment and Assignment of LEI

The LEI code assignment/update fee can be paid by the following payment methods:

You will choose the payment method and currency when completing the LEI Code assignment/update form.

In case you choose online payment, you will be redirected to the payment gateway through which you will make the fee payment after completing the application. If you have opted for payment by bank transfer, you will receive payment instructions by email (contact details provided in the application form) once you have submitted your application. The payment instruction can also be found in the “My Depository” portal after you have logged in.

The CSD Prague will initiate the data verification process, including the attached documents, based on the request received. If the CSD Prague does not find any deficiencies, the LEI allocation process is finally completed after the payment is credited and the applicant subsequently receives the LEI allocation confirmation including the code itself to the contact email provided by the applicant. The tax receipt is sent within 15 days of the issuance of the LEI assignment confirmation.

The price for the provision of the service is specified in the LEI Assignment and Recording Fee Schedule, which is part of the CSD Prague Price List.