The table below contains all versions of the communication interfaces of the My Depository (formerly ISB) information system, including obsolete versions.

The description of the confidential information services of the My Depository portal is provided in the Confidential Information Services Interface file. The interface describes the structure of the outputs of all ISB application services, and is therefore designed for all participants which make use of information services via Internet access to ISB.

The External Interface file describes the structure of B2B communication between My Depository and the client systems. It is the purpose of the implementation of this interface to provide My Depository users with the opportunity to integrate the My Depository portal services with their own systems, thus guaranteeing the most efficient use of the services. The Interface for Follow-Up Records file is a technical proposal for a new interface establishing communication between My Depository systems and the follow-up records. The interface is therefore designed for the systems for recording securities linked to the records maintained by the Central Depository

VersionValid fromFiles for download
7.420.11.2023Follow-up records interface 7.4
Confidential Information Services Interface 6.8
Interface for Follow-Up Records 7.3
Confidential Information Services Interface 7.3 for Follow-Up Records 7.2 Information Services Interface 7.1
Interface for Follow-Up Records 7.1
External Interface 7.1 for Follow-Up Records 7.0
6.916.9.2019Confidential Information Services Interface 6.9
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.9
External Interface 6.9 Information Services Interface 6.8
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.8
External Interface 6.8 Information Services Interface 6.7
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.7
External Interface 6.7 Information Services Interface 6.6
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.6
External Interface 6.6 Information Services Interface 6.5
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.5
External Interface 6.5
6.417.3.2014Confidential Information Services Interface 6.4
Interface for Follow-Up Records 6.4
External Interface 6.4
6.029. 11. 2013Rozhraní důvěrné oblasti 6.0
Rozhraní pro navazující evidenci 6.0
5.21. 10. 2012Interface for Follow-Up Records 5.2
5.11. 10. 2012Confidential Information Services Interface_5.1
Interface for Follow-Up Records 5.1
5.01. 10. 2012Confidential Information Services Interface_5.0
External Interface 5.0
Interface for Follow-Up Records 5.0
4.01. 10. 2011Confidential Information Services Interface_4.0
3.523. 3. 2011Description of Confidential Information Services 4.0
(only for services provided in a confidential area)
7. 7. 2010Description of Confidential Information Services 4.0