Unclassified accounts are accounts taken over from the former Securities Centre, where the holder has not yet signed an agreement with any Central Depository participant.

The scope of the services offered by the Central Depository to the owners of unclassified accounts is restricted by law. The Central Depository is obliged to enable the following:

The amendment to Act No. 256/2004 Coll., on Capital Market Undertakings, which came into effect on 1 July 2012 and has extended the range of the services offered, also stipulates that the Central Depository will render these services to the owners of unclassified accounts for a fee. The account owners make use of these services through the agency of Central Depository participants. The only service that can be requested directly from the Central Depository is a statement from an unclassified account.

The prices for which the Central Depository offers its services are listed in the Central Depository Price List; in addition, you can use the fee calculator.

Statement of Account

The Central Depository provides statements from unclassified asset accounts of securities by mail using the Request for a Statement from an Unclassified Asset Account of Securities form bearing an officially authenticated signature. The current fee for an account statement delivered by cash on delivery is CZK 500.

As regards unclassified accounts, statements can also be requested from any Central Depository participant offering this service; see the services provided by Central Depository participants.

If you do not know the account number or where your account is kept, please follow this procedure: